5 Reasons Why Cake Toppers are Trending

1. An amazing conversation piece – your guests will love seeing a cartoon version of you!
2. ‎A cake that reflects who YOU are. We can work in your pets, your hobbies, even your wedding dress or outfits!
3. ‎ Save money on a simpler cake design.  Plain white cakes looks great with a topper as a focal point.
4. ‎You get the topper in advance, so no surprises. (Especially great for destination weddings).
5. ‎A wedding keepsake. Unlike fondant, polymer clay is not food-based so it will keep beyond your special day.

Baby’s First Birthday

My little babes first birthday is quickly approaching, and I wanted to make a cake topper for her. While I make a lot of toppers for weddings, cake toppers for anniversaries and birthdays can also be a lot of fun.

Here’s a pic of my little monkey:

I wanted to sculpt a cute cartoon babe based on our photoshoot. It all starts with a bit of wire and I work out the facial details first:

Looks funny right? I really wanted to capture the floral crown she wore as well:

My babe has a pretty cheeky personality and has big cheeks so I wanted to capture that in the topper.

After baking the head, I started work on the dress, the arms and the base.

And voila!

Now if my first ever attempt at a dairy/egg free birthday cake is terrible, at least I have an amazing topper to decorate it with!👍