2018 Holiday Crafting Workshops in Peterborough Area

*NEW!* In 2018, I will be hosting workshops out of my pop-up home studio space!

  1. Make a Natural Holiday Wreath!img_20171117_151517_753813274520.jpgYou will take home a gorgeous wreath featuring wild greenery. High quality and long lasting.
    Two Dates:
    November 24th, 1-6 PM
    November 25th, 1-6 PM
    Max 9 people per session
    Cost – $55

    Snacks provided. Workshops take place in a cozy home, 10 minutes from Peterborough. To book a spot: email bumponalogcreations@gmail.com

  2. Make an Antique Sap Bucket Holiday Planter!

    IMG_20171120_105739Featuring medium-sized antique tin sap buckets with all natural seasonal greens and embellishment. See photos below.
    Two dates:

    November 22, 7-9 PM
    November 23, 7-9 PM
    Max 9 people per session, 1 hr per planter.
    Cost: Planter- $40 each, or $70 for two

    To book a spot: email bumponalogcreations@gmail.com

3. Also available: Private Polymer Clay Holiday Ornament Making Parties by Request! Please contact bumponalogcreations@gmail.com.

2017-12-20 11.21.01.jpg

How to make an All-Natural Christmas wreath

I have made my own wreath and planter at Christmas for years now, and so when I had the opportunity to make and sell them this year, I was so excited. There are several steps to making an all natural wreath.

Step 1. Make a base. Or a buy a base if you don’t have time. I use white birch because it is flexible yet strong.

Step 2. Stuff the base wreath with moss while wrapping with floral wire.

Step 3. Gather greenery. I like to use a mix of white cedar, Balsam Fir, and white pine.

Step 4. Make a bunch the size of your hand.

Step 5. Place bundle on the inside edge of wreath and wrap with floral wire around the base to attach it.

Step 6. Repeat steps 4 and 5, but attach next bundle to the top of the wreath. Step 7. Repeat steps 4 and 5, but attach next bundle to the outside of the wreath.

Step 8. Now you are ready to start your next row. Overlap the bundle slightly so there aren’t any big gaps. Keep adding bundles to the inside, top and outside, and watch your wreath grow


Step 9. Decorate! Use hot glue for lighter items and wire in larger items. Have fun with it.

5 Reasons Why Cake Toppers are Trending

1. An amazing conversation piece – your guests will love seeing a cartoon version of you!
2. ‎A cake that reflects who YOU are. We can work in your pets, your hobbies, even your wedding dress or outfits!
3. ‎ Save money on a simpler cake design.  Plain white cakes looks great with a topper as a focal point.
4. ‎You get the topper in advance, so no surprises. (Especially great for destination weddings).
5. ‎A wedding keepsake. Unlike fondant, polymer clay is not food-based so it will keep beyond your special day.

Baby’s First Birthday

My little babes first birthday is quickly approaching, and I wanted to make a cake topper for her. While I make a lot of toppers for weddings, cake toppers for anniversaries and birthdays can also be a lot of fun.

Here’s a pic of my little monkey:

I wanted to sculpt a cute cartoon babe based on our photoshoot. It all starts with a bit of wire and I work out the facial details first:

Looks funny right? I really wanted to capture the floral crown she wore as well:

My babe has a pretty cheeky personality and has big cheeks so I wanted to capture that in the topper.

After baking the head, I started work on the dress, the arms and the base.

And voila!

Now if my first ever attempt at a dairy/egg free birthday cake is terrible, at least I have an amazing topper to decorate it with!👍